Flat aluminium steering wheels
with wooden rims


The steering wheel is made by a 3-spokes and a 1-rim aluminium structure, a 2-rims made of wood and of 2 flanges one is frontal and other is posterior and of 9 small fasteners.


3 models with different measures, for many purposes and applications, external diameters of 13 in, 14 - ½ in and 15 - ½ in including the "t" and "y" types with pierced spokes. In table 1 the main measures are shown.


MODEL out grip flange
mm in mm in mm in
T FANJO 330 13 28 1,10 114 4
T DERBY 368 14 26 1,02 114 4
Y MENDES 393 15 24 0,94 114 4
table 1. Principal measures


In the 3 models a metalic structure milled from a '5052' type rolled aluminium plate of 5/32 in or 3/16 in thickness. automized process in "cnc" machine (computer numerical control) mills with programmed divisors. All cutting surfaces are characterized by a bright aspect. Tthe faces can be polish, natural or brush. The structure is made by only one part which consists of 3 spokes and 1 aluminium rim.

The rims made by noble wood* are prepared in semi-rims from full boards and selected mainly to build a crankshaft group, one over the other, counting to 24 segments.

The wooden rims are linked by passing pins, distributed equaly providing the union of the three parts. The pins are rounded under measure and are extracted from bone, wood or metalic wire shape.

The central flanges, nine holes, frontal and posterior, are made in the mechacnical lathe in aluminium linked (sandwich) to the steering wheel by 9 fasteners (9-screws, 9-nuts and 9-washers), making the position and the horn system (button) and the linking to the shaft direction system (hub). The posterior flange has universal measure patterns and because of this, it provides a link with many kinds of hubs and direction steering wheels systems.

Not only the building project but also the final design, added to the touching sensations are superior to the worldwide famous conceptions, pleasing above all things.

All the work, accumulated in 200 hh per piece is supervised by qualified personnel in handmade techniques "Pomes Stone", "Special Wax" and "Pitch" are some of the arts used in the process.


The steering wheels can be used in all classical vehicles, old or from collection, trikes or out serial or even in medium shipment.


Any handmade, re-work on steering wheels, can be new or used, you can call us, wood and aluminium we made your satisfaction. ...

"One day until you will have one" ! . ...

Noble wood*: Pinho de Riga (from seaport in Rússia), Jacarandá (from lestcoast Brazil-Bahia), Mogno, Marfin (from interior Brazil)

Marfim with Jacarandá


Pinho de Riga with

Pinho de Riga


Flanges front and posterior

Flanges and horn system

Steering wheels 14 1/2

Steering wheels 15 1/2

Steering wheels Jacarandá